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For this unique project, I had the opportunity to step into a realm where architecture and automotive design converge. KIA entrusted me with the task of capturing their new fully electric model, the KIA EV9, applying my architectural vision.

The EV9 stands as a testament to the fusion of innovative design and modern aesthetics, challenging the traditional boundaries between vehicles and their surroundings. In these images, I aimed to portray the EV9 not merely as a car, but as an integral part of the architectural landscape, harmonizing seamlessly with diverse environments.

Each photograph is a narrative of design, capturing the EV9’s sleek lines and dynamic form in settings that highlight its architectural elegance. The project allowed me to explore the car as a piece of design that transcends its utilitarian purpose, inviting viewers to see it as a work of art that interacts with its environment in a meaningful way.

This series reflects my vision of architecture and design, showcasing how the KIA EV9 redefines the relationship between vehicles and the spaces they inhabit.